Monday, 7 May 2018


This term our school inquiry is ‘Our Choices Impact Our Future.’ Through this topic we are encouraging the children to consider what it means to be a good citizen and how we can apply that in our school and community.

To encourage our students to think about our school and some of the wider issues in
we cordoned off our court, swimming pool and playground areas to ‘set the scene’
and encourage students to ask deeper questions about how our choices impact our future.
This has provoked some further questions and reflection amongst our students,
whanau and members of our wider Manurewa community.

I would like to confirm that this learning scenario has been set up as a part of our
students learning.
Each class will decide on a social action that they will engage in to further promote
their classes learning.

Some examples may include;

  • Investigating Housing options for our growing community
  • Identifying key issues in our community
  • Supporting members of our community
  • Investigating organisations that support our community

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