Hayecynthia Agafili
Username: HA-694369 Password: brown93
Irene Asitomani
Username: IA-995722 Password: tasty93
Tesia Autagavaia
Username: TA-266733 Password: damp47
Jo-Anne Nuusila Finau
Username: JF-116966 Password: dress49
Kaisalina Heke
Username: KH-118612 Password: doze36
Joel Ioelu
Username: JI-161766
Password: rusty34

Shreya Kumar
Username: SK-122528 Password: mist45
Aniseta Langi
Username: AL-129512 Password: peck49
Jehiel Leaso
Username: JL-385969 Password: grab64
Moses Lemalu
Username: ML-118440 Password: slide43
Ezylekiah Mahoni
Username: EM-740826 Password: lamp79
Leah-Lyjah Mailata-Seumanu-Diaz
Username: LM-1001843 Password: craft38
Metuisela Maukoloa
Username: MM-919969 Password: dove42
Kakala Mavae
Username: KM-566007 Password: spill52
Patrick Meo
Username: PM-112109 Password: pray38
Sanchez Misavi
Username: SM-1019294 Password: real45
Raniya Naidu
Username: RN-106173 Password: code58
Mahiera Petersen-Leota
Username: MP-688475 Password: mill87
Cashmere Prasad
Username: CP-117875 Password: much62
Jibran Saeed
Username: JS-851167 Password: glove20
Joseph Sau
Username: JS-851168 Password: swell79
Prisha Singh
Username: PS-664125 Password: crush90
Kepueli Taufoou
Username: KT-113316 Password: ocean17
Glorya Teutau
Username: GT-130185 Password: third41
Lorenzo Tuileisu
Username: LT-755735 Password: hail17
Mafi'ila Vakapuna
Username: MV-721742 Password: bacon95
Leila-Louise Viane Aukusitino
Username: LV-99753 Password: wipe54

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